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WeatherSuite, our one stop-system for weather shows, enables weather presenters to design and manage weather content for television programs as well as for online and mobile applications. Our solutions are designed to satisfy the unique requirements of the different professionals working with them. The wealth of weather data and a wide range of data formats can be imported, previewed and compared.


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  • Maximise: Get an insight how to improve your cost effectiveness. Learn how to produce high quality weather shows in virtual sets combined with our software solutions.
  • Simplify: Experience accelerated workflows by multiple use of recorded weather presentations spread across all platforms.
  • Socialise: Discover how to share your daily TV weather story easily on social media platforms.
  • Mobilise: Be top of the weather news wherever you are. Get to know our successful weather apps WeatherPro, MeteoEarth, AlertsPro and RainToday.


Weather from the Experts

MeteoGroup is a leading full-service, global weather business.
We provide comprehensive weather presentation solutions and tailor-made services for broadcasters worldwide. Our Media division drives the further developments of our state-of-the-art weather visualisation and presentation system.


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